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Anthony Benson

Writers are a Courageous Lot

Writers are a courageous lot. So often embattled by confusion, distraction, and persistent dissatisfaction, they fight through the pain, sweat, and tears, as well as the unforgiving blinding glare of the blank page, to bring their thoughts forth. As the internal war rages, they are capable of great victories and great defeats. Yet, in the face of creative adversity, those who choose to break free and follow the beacon of truth, emotion, and passion have the indefensible power to emancipate themselves, and thus the reader, with their bravery and well-chosen words—a singular, yet shared freedom of being truly beholden to no one, and nothing, except their soul that calls to them.

Anthony J.W. Benson

Do you endeavor to discover your inner-Hemingway, Seth Godin, Amy Sedaris, Tom Clancy, Anne Lamott, Cyndi Dale, or Marianne Williamson? Do you also wish to clarify your purpose, invigorate your spirit, and be inspired to express your individuality? 

And, do you yearn to share your writing with the world for all to read?

While spoken words evaporate like mist, the written word is an opportunity to leave your mark, just like the ancient ones who left their etchings on the walls of the caves.

Writing is an act of the now gifting the ever after

It’s time to quiet the pervasive energy blocking gremlins like self-doubt, procrastination, fear, and confusion, which need no longer sabotage your dreams. Allow me to help guide you on your journey to owning your relationship with the written word and publishing—one that is uniquely ours.

I initially created Deeper Well Publishing and its author services, so you don’t have to take the journey alone. I am here to offer a one-on-one safe-haven to fellow writers for refining their work, gaining feedback, coaching, insight, inspiration, guidance, tips, tools, encouragement, and much more—by someone who knows what it is to be a writer with all its struggles and rewards and understands well the world of publishing.

For years, I have been a creative writer. I have written creative marketing copy for many clients and have published music, poetry, publication columns, and numerous articles. I have also written comedy and contributed to books, multiple magazines, and online outlets. 

On the other side of the pen (or computer screen), I have had the honor of representing notable authors, such as Cyndi Dale, Gregg Braden, Amanda Huggins, and others, as a literary agent. Additionally, I have helped develop and or published books for Cyndi Dale, J.P. Alfred, Dean and Dudley Evenson, Andrew Wald, Hollan Hawaii, Susan Plunkett, Pollyanna Blanco, and Rainbeau Mars, among others.

My Approach

I am a conduit to opportunity, success, and realization, and a book doula, if you will.

Whether you are an author, speaker, healing arts professional, musician, small business owner, or just beginning on your journey, personally or professionally, my role is to bring an objective and experienced mindset to our work.

I will advise, guide, execute, and assist you in any way I can by helping you solve existing challenges and learning to work smarter, not harder—ultimately leveraging all current and future opportunities available to you on your writer’s quest.

During our time together, I will listen, assess, and assist you in shaping concepts and game plans. And, where appropriate, carefully shepherd you, your work, and products to all the necessary people, channels, and opportunities via my extensive creative network of resources and team members. 

My goal is to help you build on what you have already successfully accomplished, create multiple options, and offer new insights that enable you to achieve what you desire for publishing your work.

So, if you are ready to mine your soul and awaken the quiet giant of creativity lying dormant within you and share your shining writer’s soul, please let’s explore how I can help you manifest your dream of becoming an author. 

Conversely, if you are already an established writer, learn how to receive support for your next project, including design, editing, production, warehousing, and marketing.