injoi Sobriety

Sobriety & Recovery Coaching

Are you experiencing challenges with alcohol and drugs? Is your addiction harming you, injuring relationships with family and friends, or causing problems with your job? Has your life become unmanageable? Are you seeking support for being sober and living in recovery? With over 40 years of sobriety, I am here to help you on your path.

I have been to the depths of hell and have not only survived my addictions, behaviors, and choices but have, through sobriety, thrived in life. Let me help you through the pain, confusion, and fear that comes by admitting you have a problem and by embracing the gifts that will come with facing your addiction and making a commitment to changing your life for the better.

Additionally, I am a certified Chemical Dependency Group Facilitator, with experience in working with individuals having recently completed a chemical dependency treatment program.

“Anthony is straightforward, honest, patient, and non-judgmental, which is exactly what I needed on my ever-evolving path to becoming the best me I can be. He will tell you what you need to hear when you need to hear it, whether you’re even aware you do or not. Anthony taught me to make decisions moment by moment, and that was a mindset I was easily able to adapt and use as I embarked on an alcohol-free life. He is a wealth of knowledge and does not hesitate to share personal experiences as they relate to you. When talking with him, there is a comfort that lets you know you can do anything you commit to, and he will support you along the way in life and in your recovery. Anthony makes himself available to you in the capacity you need to reach your goals and continue on your path to success. My only regret is that I didn’t reach out to him sooner.”
Emily O.