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Anthony J.W. Benson serves as a creative business strategist and consultant, sobriety coach, speaker, and writer specializing in working with consciously awake authors, speakers, musicians and performers, entrepreneurs, and small and large businesses.

Anthony is a popular guest on many podcasts and radio and television shows. He has appeared, sharing his expertise, on The Wisdom Channel, Blog Talk Radio, Co-Creator Network, WCCO, and FOX TV, to name a few. He has also been featured as an authority in his field in Evolving Wellness, Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, The Minneapolis Star and Tribune, Edge Life, Minnesota Law & Politics, glad.is, Evolving Beings, Inspire Me Today, The St. Paul Pioneer Press, and Elephant Journal.

Anthony is an impassioned speaker and a respected emerging teacher in the transformational field. Having shared his expertise and wisdom on podcasts, radio shows, and stages throughout the country and internationally as far away as Beijing, China.

As a result, he inspires others to seek and fulfill their true calling. Various organizations, businesses, podcasts, and media outlets have called upon him to share his wisdom and inspirational message of hope—helping people manifest their dreams.

Anthony is available for speaking engagements, workshops, podcasts, and more.

Anthony Benson


Dreams Made Manifest: The Art of Creating a Life you Desire and Deserve

Enhancing Self-esteem

Learning to Cope  with Peer Pressure

Walking Out of the Fire: A Path of Spiritual Consciousness

Understanding the Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol

The Art of Creativity:  Birthing Your Ideas from Concept to Fruition

Presentations can be designed for each organization, outlet or school. Inquire for more information.

Speaking Accolades

“Anthony J.W. Benson was featured in a live performance of my Los Angeles-based spoken word event, “Tasty Words” offering from his heart his keynote “Walking Out of the Fire.” His powerful presentation tackled sobriety and drug addiction, overcoming adversity, and living a life of service and purpose. I witnessed over 300 audience members enraptured, hanging on his every word of hope and humility. It was truly breathtaking and life-affirming. I highly recommend Anthony for any speaking event or interview, especially where courage, motivation, and inspiration are welcomed.”

Wendy Hammers

Actress/Producer Tasty Words Podcast

“Anthony is an articulate, passionate speaker who shares his heart and soul with an audience. His life story will inspire, uplift, and touch you deeply.”

Arielle Ford

President of the Ford Group and Dharma Dreams/author of Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul, Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Teenage Soul, and Magical Souvenirs

“Anthony has a remarkable ability to place his audience right in the moment. Very few people really know what agony any addict goes through, and I felt as if I was with him at every significant period of a dramatic, intense search for self. He truly speaks from the heart, without apology, and without quasi self-analysis. This is a real experience; he lived it, he fought with it, he won. I walked away from his talk a different person after hearing Anthony.”

Stuart Brooks | Colorado Workshop Participant

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“Dear Anthony, Thank you for speaking with my group of students at Wheeling High School. Your vast life experiences provided my high school students with a learning opportunity. You addressed very personal, real, and difficult situations that are relevant to my students’ lives and perhaps similar in some ways to their own lives.

Through your openness and honesty, they can take what you gave them to look at their own lives, past and present, and make choices that will empower them for a lifetime. So, again, I truly appreciate the time, energy, and talents you shared with us.”

Janet Aschenbrener | Teacher, Wheeling High School

“Dear Anthony, I wanted to personally thank you for your riveting and inspiring presentation at the Prospect Heights Park District. Your story is truly amazing, and I am glad that you are willing to share so many of your profound and intimate moments with complete strangers. I was especially touched when you confided in us and began to share the spiritual awakening you were so honored to receive. As a result, I now feel closer to God, my family, and my friends. Once again, thank you for sharing with us, and I look forward to seeing you again one day.”

Atom Davis | Health Staff – Prospect Heights Park District, Prospect Heights, IL

“When listening to Anthony speak, you immediately know that he speaks from the heart. His life story will touch you. By the time Anthony is finished speaking, you have an enormous feeling of being loved, understood and that he truly cares about you. By the end of his riveting presentation, he has shown you a path for your own personal success.”

Gail Joyce | Minnesota Workshop participant

“Anthony J.W. Benson is a speaker who opens his heart to his audience. He speaks from the bitter experience of his own life. Still, He reveals the transformation, which can occur when love replaces bitterness and hope replaces despair. His intriguing life story is also a mirror reflection of aspects of our lives and helps us come to terms with our own fears in reaching that place where love reigns supreme. He does this with compassion and humor and imparts wisdom and understanding that come from the stuff of life.”

Peter Longley | Former Cruise Director for Queen Elizabeth II, International Travel Lecturer, and author of Two Thousand Years Later

“Drawing from a deep well of his own profound experience, wisdom, and compassion, Anthony’s words seem to flow abundantly from Source, creating an atmosphere of higher consciousness that allows us to listen, to feel, to heal, and to awaken.”

Vyktoria Pratt Keating | International Recording artist and Minneapolis lecture attendee

“Anthony is a master of human self-knowledge. His deep wisdom allows all to go deeper into our own mysteries and be healed.”

Jane Nakashima

“Anthony J.W. Benson speaks directly to our hearts in such an illuminating, empowering, and inspiring fashion. He brings forth the powerful message of truth that challenges us to take the risk of going beyond our fears, anger, and despair into an experience that reflects what it means to LOVE and truly be LOVED.

Anthony’s work is user-friendly advice filled with beautiful teachings, gracious stories, dozens of spiritual practices, humorous takes, and wise, practical ways to awaken to the highest wisdom in every part of our lives… A true celebration of the heart!”

Brian Hilliard

Founder/Dharma Dreams & Managers of Global DreamMakers

“Anthony J.W. Benson’s journey out of abuse and addiction is more than a tale of survival. Instead, it powerfully affirms the human capacity to rise above all obstacles. It reminds us that each day is an opportunity for change and growth.”

Christine Maggiore

Author of What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong? and Excuse Me For Living