Words of Wisdom

Enjoy Anthony's inspirational thoughts and motivational musings.

“Perseverance is adversity’s worst nightmare.”

“To dream is to transcend time.”

“Loneliness is a symptom; solitude is a choice.”

“So many people see risk as foolhardy. Yet risk-taking can be appropriate if it’s deliberate, focused, and passionate. Risk can release us from the shackles of fear and deliver us into the freedom of our true selves. And that’s integral to creating a life we want, and more importantly, a life we deserve.”

“You are so much more than your title or business card. You are talented beyond measure and a multi-dimensional being capable of wonderful accomplishments and magic yet to be wielded. So ignore the distractions, set your intentions, and own your power, because it’s time to get on with it.”

“Welcome moments of self-reflection, and honor the opportunity to explore deep within. Discoveries and illuminations will abound, as will opportunities for personal evolvement”

with illumiinated
Embarace life
We are all the source

“Living life confidently is born of doing. Learning through action is an empowering experience that clarifies intention and incrementally shores self-belief and eradicates self-doubt. Immerse yourself in the totality of your being, trusting yourself, and you will reach beyond the confines of self-judgment. In doing so, you can then relax into the depths of self-awareness, contentment, and confidence.”

“Acceptance of where we come from, and an openness to our future, allow us to revel in the possibilities of our lives.”

Never dim your light
Loneliness is symtom
Fear is not foe to fear

“Effort, focus and commitment, and sometimes good fortune, will help you achieve your goals. Missing the mark is less of a concern than setting your sights and going after what you desire. Failure is often part of the learning curve. You will never hit your target if you don’t first take aim. Trust in your abilities.”

“Bring your passion into focus. Own your gifts. Share yourself unabashedly with the world. You deserve to be seen and heard.”

Create your own happiness
Be the truth of your conscious existence
May what you love, be the passion of your life